Two Sonnets

(constructed from a list of words that contain one or two vowels from Neruda’s 100 Love Sonnets


You are like the crazy shadows of dawn,
so tender, so silent, so sweet like a whisper.
Love (I am filled of sun)

come, I’m thirsty for goblets of your cool water
kisses bursting with the fabrics and scents of noon:
all day I want to eat handfuls of waves

of honey falling from your hips.
Here is this heart I’ve made for you
burning with the odor of twilight. I don’t love you
with the speed of a puma, I love you

as rain falling on a road,
like apples love hands and lips.
I don’t know any other way except
in this simple form. Perhaps, there is no other way



You have the clarity of flowers in your eyes.
The wind and moon sing the hidden gifts
of your glance. The sun suddenly
trembled as a butterfly

as it came to envy a single finger of yours,
and how much more light it holds.
Each finger spoons away sorrow.
I don’t know how it happens.

It just happens. For it must have,
as I have the need to sing all day
for your summery skin.

I want to travel
the world of your kisses,
woven of wine, and blue sea salt and dreams



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2 responses to “Two Sonnets

  1. I like the form of these quite a bit – nice play on the sonnet.

    Also, your play with words is enchanting. It always promises and interesting read.

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