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Put something to my lips

lines from collaboration with Nick and Jonah from Temporal Arts Collective.


“and you said a promise to sing me home”

I was trying hard to cling to
some other thought: I want
to write myself
away and back to you

in the present
—all the words
come out all wrong
when I’m trying not to shatter.

Come smoke me with yer body
in the cool mist
and bind our little parts

of speech with something that’s lovely.
Whatever it’s going to be
is what I need to know.


We have forgotten that sort of feeling
rips away
more easily and with less danger others,

that perfume transmits information that’s not historical
the instant we touch. Please, under no circumstances, speak of love.


Put something to my lips.
I feel you taste as fancy candy does,
so sweet, so wow.

Can I catch the perfume
of yer laughter in a flower?



There’s nothing to write about.
This evening passed as usual
but still the soul asks for causation

I’ve been trying to find
a new mouth in the cruel night of clouds
dim from end to end as the heart or a leaf.

Oh how I want acts of terrifying gorgeousness.
Truth is, I am lonely
for a little light to come down
and touch me but I look up and it’s gray
and I have no desire left for the world.

Sometimes I feel fine, fine, but
my hands very much want
people who care passionately
for what sex is all about very little love
and but I have remained closed for so many years.

Please, under no circumstances, speak of love
when I’m trying not to shatter.


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(drafts from experiment with O’Hara’s Lunch Poems using words that only contain one or two vowels).

I have a little castle in me
the door is open and I am naked
and friendly like the stars
in all their splendor…


oh how often I want to say things to you
but then the fear comes munching this heart
and ouch it hurts terribly
to look at you and be so thick with longing
I’m so, so nice dear, too nice,
I know you know, that’s not new
and right now, this now moment
I just want to fuck gently
and be wholly open and I want to [(don’t let me say it)] you…


I’m dancing all the time now
but I don’t dare say a thing
that you could feel
so what’s the use
I don’t know if there’s a use
just use me
if for a moment, stay terribly close
and do not speak of this…


oh love with amethyst eyes and roses for fingers, let me love you a little bit love me…


I’m as charming as snow
some of the time and I’ll be happy
here or there and I don’t care
if we ever get to Italy…


Oh you are not like the moon
tonight there’s no way
you could be the moon
since I can touch and taste you
you smell like summer and hyacinths…


oh don’t remind me
where I came from
tell me where I’m going…


I am good like a little bit of rain
and a sliver of moon
love me ‘til there’s no trace of me…


you are full like a sound
that willfully whispers words
like love in summer. yes. …


I want you
as daylight wants a window
to come falling
all yellow and sweet
all over me. yes.
that’s where it’s at.
that’s what I want
to say to you but can’t. …


oh heart so hurt with hope,
filthy hope, that it’ll suddenly rain your lips tonight
and I am so hard
to see, I was a closed window
and I don’t wanna stay closed no more, no more
I think I’m not so closed now, not so
many things, finally
I have started to work on it…


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