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Rothko. One of my favorites.


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12/29/2009 · 9:32 pm

Lavender Mist: Number 1, 1950. Jackson Pollock

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12/16/2009 · 2:01 am

This Is Just To Say

Since the title of my blog is ‘This Is Just to Say’ and my site has a line from this poem I figured I should put it on here, for those who care to read it.

This is just to say

I’m sorry I took so long

to get to your house.

I figured I would take

half an hour tops

doing the usual—

showering, scrubbing, shaving,

and all that good stuff.

Once I got out of the shower

I stared at myself in the mirror, naked…

Let’s just say

I didn’t enjoy what I was looking at

and assumed you wouldn’t either.

The hair would have to go.

So I started

the terribly time consuming task

of getting rid of all that hair.

Making my balls

as smooth as eggs

just the way you like them.

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